Kleine Weltin

Kleine Weltin

Thursday, June 9, 2011

7 Key Principles of Appraising Antiques and Collectibles

Good morning:
In each of the following 7 posts I will talk a little about the some of the overall techniques I use to appraise antiques and collectibles.

Basically appraising such items is a combination of art and science.   I do a lot of research (science) and also use my intuition (art) honed from over 25 years of examining and collecting antiques and collectibles.    The look and feel of an object gives me a lot of information to hammer down whether it's a fake or not and how much it will be worth.
Here are 7 questions I ask myself when appraising a work:
1.) How old is it?
2.) How rare is it?
3.) Does this fit in with the artist's or makers other works? (typical or trendy?)
4.) Is it in good condition?
5.) Does it tell a story?
6.) Who owned it before?
7.) Who collects this today?
Tune in for more detailed conversation on this topic!
Hapyy collecting- and be sure to get your collection appraised every 3 years!

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