Kleine Weltin

Kleine Weltin

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ushabti or Ishabti-or NOBODYshabtis:  BUT IS IT REAL??

Today I received a call from a gentleman wanting to get an appraisal on a Ushabti (ancient Egyptian funerary figure)  He ALREADY bought it for $1,500.00 off of the Internet.  He says he has a "certificate of authenticity".   
Two thoughts:
1.) ANYone can print out a "certificate of authenticity"
2.) Before you spend 1,500 of your hard earned money, get a CLEAR picture of who the Internet seller is, how they conduct business, how do they get their artifacts (are they grave robbers?) and just HOW can they guarantee that the object you think you are buying is really what you are buying.   

I gave this same advise to the woman calling about whether she should buy this Picasso over the web.  At least she called me BEFORE she made the purchase!

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