Kleine Weltin

Kleine Weltin

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lawyer vs. Artist- Lawyer wins again

When it comes to making money off of an artist's artworks- who wins???

Claudia Worthington Hess writes:
The billionaire and his lawyers.  Why?  As an appraiser, one way of valuing personal property, is called the Cash Marketable Method.  In other words, measure how much income an artwork can generate from licensing, or products like T-Shirts, posters etc.  One problem!

Most artists will only make ONE of the work with no intention of turning that artwork into a cash generating machine.  That's why this billionaire got off the hook.  The artist could not prove he would earn money from his unique work, that this billionaire got knock-offs made of, in China.  The court ruled that this billionaire only has to destroy the knocked-off works.

I see people talking pictures ALL the time at Art Fairs- some with very bad intentions of turning the pictures into copycat art works made in China.

Artists!  Learn  how to protect yourself, and know that if you send a proposal to have one of your works used in a development, that if they don't use your work, and have a copy made instead, in China; you are OUT OF LUCK.  Hire a lawyer to see if this can be avoided.

Billionaire Igor Olenicoff, Guilty of Making Knockoffs of Famous Artworks, Will Pay Zero


They know EXACTLY what they are doing and how to get away with it.